Lévai András
Managing director

   The management of LAplast Kft. very early recognised the importance of environmental protection, i.e. the fact that besides the actual decrease of the effects that the activity of the company has on the environment, the protection of environment, the development of environment-friendly products and the continuous improvement of their quality also favourably influence the efficiency and the reputation of the company, and ultimately, they are important prerequisites of profitability and competitiveness. LAplast Kft. manufactures products in harmony with the global environment, it feels responsible for the environment both as a citizen with positive attitude and as a company. Our aim is to produce the most appropriate product, utilising natural resources to the lowest extent, with the highest rate of environmental efficiency.

In order to complete these aims, we undertake the following:

- We take environmental protection into consideration at all levels of business activity.

- The management of our company plays a significant role in the operation and constant development of an Environmental Control System.

- We pay increased attention to the economical utilisation of environmental resources, as well as to the decrease and elimination of harmful effects.

- We continuously examine and reveal the still existing effects that are harmful for the environment, we strive to eliminate or minimise them.

- We constantly train and encourage our employees to protect the environment.

- We comply with the related laws, regulations and our voluntarily undertaken obligations concerning environmental protection.

- Besides the observation of official regulations, we also strive to maintain the traditionally good relationship with the population and to meet the requirements of all parties concerned.

- We monitor the performance of our service providers and subcontractors in the field of environmental protection by customer auditing, and we encourage them to follow our principles.

- We prevent environmental pollution by constantly decreasing the amount of generated waste, promoting recycling, using energy and natural resources economically.

- We handle the generated hazardous waste according to the related regulations.

- The preservation of our close and broad environment is a factor of high priority in our decision-making.

- We endeavour to consider and implement the aspects of environmental protection in the case of purchasing new technologies or developing existing ones.

- We strive to attain a safe and reliable operation by the constant maintenance of our sources of air pollution.

- By operating the system, we constantly improve the performance of the company in the field of environmental protection.

Tiszaújváros, 1st July, 2006
András Lévai
managing director
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